Unique Water – Unique Brands

We believe that it is inexcusable to produce “just drinks” on the basis of such unique natural water as ours. Our drinks must be also unique. And this is the peculiarity of forming the philosophy of all our brands.

We are guided by straight-out striving to creatively use all the best which can be given by the nature itself – whether it is the purest water or natural ingredients for our drinks.

We are willing to combine the most actual trends making our way to the future with the careful attitude to the best traditions in drinks production.

The Company Aquanika creatively approaches the development of its brands portfolio

Today this portfolio alongside with the natural drinking water Aquanika includes traditional carbonated drinks Ministerstvo Gazirovki and kids juice containing drinks Winx Club, artesian water Muromskiy Istochnik.

Our brands are being formed and actively being developed with consumers’ tastes and preferences taken into consideration.

You can be sure: Aquanika brands accumulate for you all the latest and the most actual – whether it concerns the development of drinks’ recipes, pack design or any other details which add unique individual features to the character of each of our brands.


drinking water

Aquanika – is the water of good shape!

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Ministerstvo Gazirovki is for those who have a sense of humor!

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Juice containing

Winx Сlub. Real magic from fairies

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Drinking water


Muromskiy Istochnik – The modernity with deep roots

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Aquanika – is the water of good shape!

The water Aquanika is natural mineral water of the highest quality. It is taken from the protected spring - the underground relict sea.

This is a unique deposit of underground waters belonging to Verhnekamennougolniy and Nizhnekazanskiy underground reservoir has no analogues on capacity of stores and water quality in the European part of Russia.

300 million years ago as a result of geological processes there a gigantic underground reservoir formed. The long-term process of natural filtration and saturation with micro-elements made its deed.

The nature took care of the protection of this treasure by huge geological hard-pans which reliably protect the underground water from external influence of civilization. Our the most modern German equipment enables to thoroughly control the process of water taking and carefully keep its unique useful natural characteristics. A consumer receives what was made and kept for him by the nature itself. This is the main difference of really natural “vital” water from the refined and bottled one which source of origin is the water supply system.

The water Aquanika is a product for people who live active lives and take care of their health.

Daily consumption of our water contributes into replenishment of fluor, calcium, sodium, magnum, potassium and other important micro- and macro-elements essential for human’s physical and mental activities. It normalizes internal processes of our organism’s work.

Aquanika is an easy and affortable way to stay in a good shape

Brand Assortment

The natural drinking water Aquanika is produced in different packs and volumes which correspond to all modern consumption situations.

Ministerstvo Gazirovki

Ministerstvo Gazirovki is for those who have a sense of humor!

Both adults and kids like traditional sparkling drinks. Any day can become sunny and bright with them and a consumer will get a festive mood.

The company Aquanika represents the main sparkling drink of the country – the brand “approved” by Ministerstvo Gazirovki

Ministerstvo Gazirovki is an expert in the field of sparkling drinks. – a product chosen by joyful people with a good sense of humor. Ministerstvo Gazirovki helps a consumer to enjoy life and smile even being in a difficult situation.



Ministerstvo Gazirovki has become some kind of a quality sign for traditional sparkling drinks. Drink of Ministerstvo Gazirovki trade mark are produced with the most modern equipment on the basis of natural water with the use of only natural ingredients without any preservatives and dyes and in full conformity with National State Standards. Ministerstvo Gazirovki breathes in a new life into “traditional” world of sparkling drinks and presents the best tastes which came to us from the Soviet times - times of sparkling drinks dispensing machines. These crystal sparkling drinks greatly quench thirst and awake life forces enabling you to enjoy life in full.



Product mix of Ministerstvo Gazirovki is presented by the most popular traditional tastes. This is the classics: Duchess, Lemonade, Sitro, Tarkhun, Cream-Soda.

The premium levels of these drinks are emphasized by a graceful glass bottle with an original label.

The diversity of packs volume includes 0.5L and 1L and makes the consumption of our sparkling drinks most comfortable in any situation – on the way, in a café or at home.

Winx Сlub

Winx Сlub. Real magic from fairies

Aquanika Company produces unusual range of juice-containing drinks for children based on natural juices and the purest water - Winx Club.

Juice-containing drinks are considered to be more useful for children as 100% juice is a hard product for tender children stomach. More importantly well-balanced taste of juice-containing drinks is good for slaking children’s thirst.

The inspiration source for the drinks creation has been Winx Club children cartoon for . The heroines presented on the labels are popular not only among children of 4-11 years old but among teenagers.

Winx Club cartoon tells about the life and innumerous adventures of young fairies who study at magician school.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Aisha and Tecna are different, but this diversity makes them attractive and interesting for us. Based on the characters of Winx Club heroines we developed six fantastic tastes for children.

During receipt development we took into account special requirements for children nutrition and excluded artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives Only natural ingredients are used in Winx Club drinks and minimum quantity of juice is 10 %.

Brand assortment

Juice-containing drinks for children are produced on the base of natural juices and the purest mineral water. Little fairies – the heroines of the cartoon – presents 6 bright tastes: Strawberry and Cream, Grapes-Blackberry, Apple-Cherry, Multifruit, Apple, Multiberry.

Muromskiy Istochnik

The modernity with deep roots

Aquanika plant is located at the border of two historical regions – Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod regions – at the close proximity to the legendary town Murom.

For the Company whose enterprise is located in the region with deep historical roots – on the land where there are more than one hundred springs which have been valued from ancient times – the appearance of drinking water brand with the name Muromskiy Istochnik is quite predictable.

Muromskiy Istochnik is artesian drinking water which is produced upon the blessing of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church His Holiness of Moscow and all Russia Kirill at production lines blessed by Tikhon, the Bishop Podolskiy.

The water Muromskiy Istrochnik is unusual composition of traditional values in modern perception.

The water Muromskiy Istochnik is attractive to consumers due to its rare value-for-money ratio.


Products under the Muromskiy Istochnik brand are presented in 0.25 and 0,618 liters packages.