Aquanika starts an advertizing TV campaign

On June, 13th, an advertising campaign of our flagman brand – the natural drinking water of the highest quality - started on main Russian TV-channels under the slogan - “Aquanika is the water of good shape”.

Advertizing video in the bright and laconic form emphasizes advantages of the water Aquanika – its purity, unique natural origin from the relict sea, balanced composition of micro- and macro-elements valuable for health and beauty as well as healthy and stylish way of modern life to which values of the premium Aquanika brand correspond so well.

Aquanika water is a useful and stylish product for people who live active lives and care about their health preferring the unique natural water from the underground relict sea to the plain refined bottled water. The long-term process of natural filtration and saturation with micro-elements made a real masterpiece – the “vital” water for a human of the XXIst century with a balanced composition of micro and macro elements.

For consumers Aquanika is an easy and handy way to feel in a good shape. The stylish package and an original label which fully correspond to the unique product and beneficially differentiate the water Aquanika on store shelves.