The Fishing on the Aquanika Company Plant Passed off Excellent

August, 23rd, the media representatives visited the plant of Aquanika Company during a press-tour. The aim of the event was journalists’ acquaintance with the leading company brand — natural mineral water AQUANIKA and with the ultramodern and high-technology plant.

Vladislav Glagolevskiy, General Director, and Victor Katerniy, Plant Director, conducted the plant tour for the guests. Besides the main production stages of hydraulic power station where the water is produced and modern and ecological waste treatment facilities which are the best in the sector were shown to the journalists.

Following the tour the journalists participated in press-conference in which they got the answers to the questions.

After the official part of the press-tour there was another surprise for the participants of the event — fishing on the lakes being the part of the waste treatment facilities.

These ponds are so clean that breed fish. Everyone could make sure participating in fishing tournament together with famous TV presenter Timofey Bazhenov, the author and the anchor of «Bazhenov’s Rating,» «Wild World,» «Tales of Bazhenov.» The cooked in several ways fish take was served.

The guests of the event noticed a lot of good impressions of the press-tour and characterized it as interesting and useful in case of getting new information about natural mineral water AQUANIKA, about Aquanika Company, about the sector in general.