Aquanika Company is a Partner of Hockey Tournament «Zolotaya Shaiba»

November, 03rd - 04th, 2013 Aquanika Company became a partner of Hockey Tournament «Zolotaya Shaiba», which took place in CSKA ice palace with the support of Elena and Gennady Timtchenko Foundation. Hockey Tournament «Zolotaya Shaiba» is all-Russian hockey tournament among youth of 2003-2004 years born dedicated to the memory of two-time Olympic champion Igor Romishevsky.

The history of the tournament «Zolotaya Shaiba» started on December, 8th, 1964 when the call «Get ready, friends! Zolotaya Shaiba calls!» was published in «Pionerskaya Pravda» newspaper. This year the first competitions were conducted. At the first tournament which took place in winter season of 1964—1965 57 taems took part.

A tournament founder and a chairman of Zolotaya Shaiba Club was the famous coacher Anatoly Tarasov, and since December, 2006 up to his death in September, 2013  Igor Romishevsky. A lot of famous hockey-players participated in the games at ther times, among them Vladislav Tretiak, Alexander Maltsev, Vladimir Myshkin, Vladimir Krutov, Vyacheslav Fetisov.

Six teams - «Chelny» (Naberezhnye Chelny), «Olymp» (Maisky), «Yantarnaya Zvezda» (Kaliningrad), «Luch» (Mogzha), «Yunost» (Megion), «CSKA» (Moscow) – participated in the tournament. «Yunost» has become the winner.

Aquanika Company supported all tournament participants by natural mineral water Aquanika.

Aquanika water is ideal for both professional sportsmen and groovers and active people.

Uniqueness of Aquanika water is its source — the underground relict sea of sweet water which is located at ecologically clean area of Nizhniy Novgorod region. Due to All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO) the water source is cased off human impact, water age in it is nearly 800 years. So many years the water flowed into the earth interior cleaning itself and pouring with healthful minerals and elements. The water producing wells are located at the plant territory. It minimizes the rising time of water till its bottling and lets the water be in its primary view.

Exactly due to its natural origin and mineralization Aquanika structure meets the needs of the human body.