Aquanika becomes sponsor of hockey tournament zolotaya shiba again

The final game of the Zolotaya Shaiba national youth ice hockey tournament took place at Moscow CSKA Ice Palace on April 16, 2014. Aquanika has been sponsoring the tournament for many years, including this year. Zolotaya Shaiba is an annual ice hockey tournament held with the support of the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation. The first Zolotaya Shaiba ice hockey game took place in 1964, and since then the tournament has achieved huge popularity among ice hockey fans.

This year those who came to the game could also enjoy an amazing laser show, great game and a performance by the HC CSKA cheerleaders. The tournament was attended by a number of distinguished guests, including Deputy Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov, president of the Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak, executive director of the Ice Hockey Federation Valery Fesyuk, president of the Zolotaya Shaiba ice hockey club Vladimir Petrov, vice president of Dynamo (Moscow) Vitaly Davydov, president of the Night Hockey League and HC Legends of Hockey Aleksandr Yakushev.

In 2014 the tournament got a shot in the arm: it is planned to expand age limits for players and double the number of games starting from next year. Special attention is also paid to the support and development of tournaments for girls. All players were offered the Aquanika mineral drinking water to help them maintain their good shape. Aquanika natural mineral composition and amazing properties make it a perfect drinking water for both sportsmen and sports fans.