Aquanika Plant

From the very beginning Aquanika plant was founded as a powerful enterprise of a new generation.

The heart of all production process is a shopfloor on water preparation which represents a unique complex. This is where many-stage water clearing is provided: running filters, lamps of ultraviolet water disinfection, the thinnest diaphragm filters. The application of advanced technical solutions enables to precisely follow all necessary parameters of thin water cleaning with the preservation of its useful natural qualities.

Aquanika plant has no analogues in Russia on the usage of highly advanced technological solutions. There are 6 fully automated production

lines here including the line of aseptic filling. The given technology provides drinks with a prolonged stock life without usage of any preservatives and is considered to be the most complicated in the industry.

High quality German equipment provides water and drinks filling into plastic, glass and aluminium bottles, cans and other beverage containers of different volume.
The overall production capacity of fully automated lines is more than 500 million liters of water and drinks per year.

The control over proper equipment functioning of the plant is provided both by computers and by highly qualified specialists.

Quality Assurance System

High quality of products and their nutritional safety are provided by the plant Quality Assurance Service.

The many-stage-system embraces also the incoming control of raw materials and other materials used in the production.

Besides that the permanent monitoring of all parameters of technological processes is implemented and repeated checks of products on different stages of its production and finished goods storage are carried out.

Transport Infrastructure

Our plant is located at the border of Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod regions. The existing transport infrastructure enables us to conveniently realize different logistic schemes and optimize products delivery terms to different destinations.

Aquanika plant is located in close proximity to the highway R-72 within 170km from Vladimir and 180km from Nizhniy Novgorod

The road bridge over the Oka river which was put into operation in 2010 simplified the route connecting the plant with the federal highway М7.

To deliver products to long-distanced destinations a railway branch from the railway station Navashino up to the plant’s footlights is being put into operation.